excerpt from: Katha Chanakya – Stories of Wisdom for Dreamers and Thinkers by Radhakrishnan Pillai


On the day of the lecture, Chanakya had a huge audience, all eager to listen to him. The king was noble and respected scholars and wise men. He personally received Chanakya at the University and honoured him. Chanakya then proceeded to speak at length about the concept of nation building.

“We need to collaborate to achieve national goals. When a foreigner invades us, we cannot think regionally; we need to fight together as a nation. When the head gets attacked, will the hands not automatically go to save it?”

The king was convinced by Chanakya’s argument. In fact, the entire audience was spellbound by his speech. A teacher asked Chanakya, “Why is collaboration so essential in war?”

Chanakya replied with these profound words:

“Because, together we win!”

He continued, “Do you know, for me, winning a war is one thing. But I also need to educate the kings and the common people about the concept of nationalism. No war can be won without a feeling of patriotism – the first weapon required to win any war.”

Chanakya thought to himself, When I go to their palaces, the kings do not listen to me. But when I invite them into my halls – the Universities, they listen to me and are convinced. And so, he mobilised various forces across the nation through the gurukuls and Universities. He knew that teachers could influence any king.

And Chanakya achieved his goal. He had got the king to support his fight against Alexander. He would later repeat this strategy with various other kings only to find that it worked just as well.

His final words were, ” We will always win a war in collaboration not in competition.”


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