If you’re too busy to ‘walk the talk’ your business, there are many things in life you’re missing on. Travel makes you realize some of them. While you may not be the ‘walking through wild grass’ type either, here are three things that are always on cards, while you Travel.



Food: There is just no other way to give the best to your taste buds than traveling. Even if you know the dish, your food takes a flavor of the place, which is unmatched. You can try with best of ingredients or drive to the STARs of the world, the beach-fried pomfret will ditch you unless you actually backpack and go to reach it right at Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea. So next time you boast yourself a foodie, look for the guy who has tasted the dish on the kitchen floor. Well, why not be that guy?


Photography: You may not switch to your high-end DSLR, till the time you find a compelling reason for doing so. Only, while traveling, selfies are not good enough. There is so much to click and share. And that makes you a pro; at least you may think so. Try your best shots while you’re on the road or deep down the greens. There will be times, you’ll cherish all the moments you took back. Pics that you post can be of help to people. You may start blogging, win prizes, do things you never thought of. After all, traveling is a lone business, who cares?


Open Your mind: Well, while you’re alone, but not really. Every time it takes you out of the shell, you know, there’s somebody else too, just like you or not exactly so, but having a life to celebrate. Had you not been there, who would have witnessed that. Travel makes people meet. It changes lives.


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